February 2017

The divine water meditation for March March is ruled by water energy. Next month is under Pisces energy and nothing better than water to balance the eclipses, the huge energies we received last month and also the fire influences at... Continue Reading →

O guerreiro Lusitano era temido pelos seus inimigos. Ao mesmo tempo era admirado pela sua bravura e tenacidade. Segundo Diodoro, os guerreiros Lusitanos eram os mais valentes de todos os povos ibéricos. Não só constituído de homens, os guerreiros Lusitanos... Continue Reading →

The biggest shift ever noticed on this planet is happening now! What is happening is beyond any doubt or skepticism! When has this started depends on how far we go behind… we can say that the last few years were... Continue Reading →

Activation of the Inner Christ Flame This was a meditation created two years ago when i used to make events for global meditations. This is either a sole or group meditation and works really well. OUR OWN CHRIST ENERGY IS... Continue Reading →

Full Moon ~ Penumbral Eclipse On this event, the Moon travels through the darkest areas of Earth’s penumbra and as the physical is a result of energies that combine in order to fulfill a purpose, we are here embracing this... Continue Reading →

O que significa cada fase de ascensão para um ser de consciência?  Estes constantes picos energéticos trazem dúvidas e questões a muitos seres. As perguntas mais frequentes são: ~ Esta ascensão nunca acaba? ~Quando termina o processo de ascensão? ~... Continue Reading →

What really means shifting for a conscious human? This constant energetic shifts bring doubts to a lot of beings. the usual questions are: ~ Does the shifting never ends? ~ When does the ascension process stops? ~ Why do these... Continue Reading →

GALACTIC CALENDAR Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing this material Energy of galactic synchronization 13:20 Galactic Calendar of January 31, 2017, day 150 - Karma, Tone 7, 10 Blueprint, Twelfth Wave of Seed in the Third Blue Castle of Time.... Continue Reading →

Christ consciousness Christ consciousness is referred in many cultures and religions. It is always classified as “the perfect being”, “The Christed one”, “God realization”. He is total enlightenment, perfection. But what means Christ consciousness exactly, for us that here looking... Continue Reading →

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