FIVE YEARS AFTER END OF THE EXPERIMENT Note: 2 messages: 2012 & 2017 Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to providing us this material. February 21, 2012 GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK announce the Completion of Experiment called Duality. Below we publish the text... Continue Reading →


PLANETARY MEDITATION ~ ARCHANGEL MICHAEL by Sergey Kanashevskiy Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material. NEW HEART OF TIME Morning at your house ... Barely awake, do not open your eyes, do not get up from the bed!... Continue Reading →

March Equinox ~ A new cycle begins A new season starts, a new astrological year begins. I find three words to describe this SPRING equinox: REBIRTH, POWER, EVOLUTION. However i must tell you that stability will not be achieve at... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Virgo March 12, 2017 This Full Moon in Virgo comes just in time! As we are approaching the Equinox and finding a way out of ourselves to manifest in reality what we have seeded during the winter.... Continue Reading →

Our soul contract & this earthly life time

Our soul contract & this earthly life time There is a lot of confusion about whether we come again to Earth in a physical human body after this life time. Many believe this is the last time we come to... Continue Reading →

The Earth Meditation for Spring Equinox

The Earth Meditation for Spring Equinox We are approaching the equinox which will takes us to a different level on earth energies. The universe is to combine with earth to exacerbate life itself on this realm of continuous mutation and... Continue Reading →

What is a light worker?   You probably expect detailed explanation, scientific info and exquisite theories. Well... this is no complicated matter and no need to dwell in intricate reasons when the answer is so deliciously simple. A light worker... Continue Reading →

PLANETARY LIGHT WORK. HEART OF TIME Galactic Christ-Melchizedek SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to provide us this material. by Svetlana Dracheva, Sergei Kanashevskiy, Marina Schulz. HEART OF TIME "Earth and Humanity is changing to a new way, to live... Continue Reading →

The "Laws of the Universe" and our ups & downs We wonder very often how can we still feel moments, days of great energy/happiness versus other days, moments in which we feel completely out of alignment, weak, unhappy, very introspective... Continue Reading →

The divine water meditation for March March is ruled by water energy. Next month is under Pisces energy and nothing better than water to balance the eclipses, the huge energies we received last month and also the fire influences at... Continue Reading →

The biggest shift ever noticed on this planet is happening now! What is happening is beyond any doubt or skepticism! When has this started depends on how far we go behind… we can say that the last few years were... Continue Reading →

Activation of the Inner Christ Flame This was a meditation created two years ago when i used to make events for global meditations. This is either a sole or group meditation and works really well. OUR OWN CHRIST ENERGY IS... Continue Reading →

Full Moon ~ Penumbral Eclipse On this event, the Moon travels through the darkest areas of Earth’s penumbra and as the physical is a result of energies that combine in order to fulfill a purpose, we are here embracing this... Continue Reading →

What really means shifting for a conscious human? This constant energetic shifts bring doubts to a lot of beings. the usual questions are: ~ Does the shifting never ends? ~ When does the ascension process stops? ~ Why do these... Continue Reading →

GALACTIC CALENDAR Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing this material Energy of galactic synchronization 13:20 Galactic Calendar of January 31, 2017, day 150 - Karma, Tone 7, 10 Blueprint, Twelfth Wave of Seed in the Third Blue Castle of Time.... Continue Reading →

Christ consciousness Christ consciousness is referred in many cultures and religions. It is always classified as “the perfect being”, “The Christed one”, “God realization”. He is total enlightenment, perfection. But what means Christ consciousness exactly, for us that here looking... Continue Reading →

Disclosure, Aliens, Humans & fear In this path of the so called Disclosure, and humanity`s fears about Aliens, my opinion is that E.T.`s fear humans more than we fear Aliens. Our fear towards E.T`s comes mainly from a mental control... Continue Reading →

Energy update: Cosmic electron & coronal storms At the beginning of the year we were presented already with a geomagnetic storm, we have been having heavy energies of all kind and to end the month a galactic present... On the... Continue Reading →

Aquarius New Moon: think big, open to expansion This Aquarius New Moon is one of the important events that lead this year onto a year of beginnings! Although we are still in the phase of winter, waiting for the Equinox... Continue Reading →

DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT "ASCENSION" Special thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT "ASCENSION" co authorship EL MORIA by Svetlana Dracheva Sergei Kanashevskiy Marina Schulz DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT "ASCENSION" Dear friends, dear members... Continue Reading →

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