July New Moon in LEO ~ Mars & Aquarius balancing energies   This New Moon happens on the 23rd. It will be a very interesting New Moon as the energy is pulled up by Mars propelling you to action and... Continue Reading →

7.7.2017 & Full Moon

Summer & winter Solstice 2017 This is the culmination of all the high energies we have been receiving during the whole first semester. From this day on, it`s all about using those energies at will! Since the beginning of the... Continue Reading →

New Moon in Gemini ~ The intention is to connect with love At this New Moon i ask you to pay attention to the intentions you want to focus on; New Moon is the time to set intentions and think... Continue Reading →

Confidence, honesty and joyful blessings on this New Moon At each New Moon a new beginning enters our Lunar cycle. Physically the Moon is in the middle of the Sun and the Earth; The 3 are positioned as a line... Continue Reading →

Pink Full Moon in Libra ~ April 11 As it happens with every Full Moon, the heightened energy is to be used as you chose to. It is up to you how to work within the energies that blast your... Continue Reading →

No matter if it`s your sleep function or your mood, these late energies are precisely working as a discontinuous process. Within ourselves there´s a blinking spot that goes up and down, off and on depending on how high is our... Continue Reading →

March Equinox ~ A new cycle begins A new season starts, a new astrological year begins. I find three words to describe this SPRING equinox: REBIRTH, POWER, EVOLUTION. However i must tell you that stability will not be achieve at... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Virgo March 12, 2017 This Full Moon in Virgo comes just in time! As we are approaching the Equinox and finding a way out of ourselves to manifest in reality what we have seeded during the winter.... Continue Reading →

Full Moon ~ Penumbral Eclipse On this event, the Moon travels through the darkest areas of Earth’s penumbra and as the physical is a result of energies that combine in order to fulfill a purpose, we are here embracing this... Continue Reading →

Aquarius New Moon: think big, open to expansion This Aquarius New Moon is one of the important events that lead this year onto a year of beginnings! Although we are still in the phase of winter, waiting for the Equinox... Continue Reading →

Cancer Full Moon & Grand Cross ~ Polarities expanding our consciousness This Full Moon in Cancer is a challenging one! Although its a Cancer Full Moon it is, in fact, happening on Gemini Constellation, more specifically on the twin stars... Continue Reading →

New Moon in Capricorn! Fully engaging! This is a very special New Moon! I see Capricorn as a very practical sign but as well as a dreamer who never stops believing; but it isnt a common creamer, the strength of... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Gemini: Enlightenment through contrast This powerful Full Moon comes exactly when the Enlightenment Portal 12.12 is fully operational. This Full Moon is to be used by what we can call: "The Nature of Contrast". What version of... Continue Reading →

What does the cosmos tell us until December 19 How do you define yourself now... What version of yourself have you brought at this time to keep living this life... December would not be so hard, as we have been... Continue Reading →

The Expansion & Positiveness of the Sagittarius New Moon Nothing better than a New Moon at the end of this month! because we can plant nice seeds at this Moon and travel through out December collecting the fruits and also... Continue Reading →

The changes of consciousness will go on this month! So... how is the energy moving around and through us all... theres as wide range of energies right now, on the globe, with opposites and different aspects. This is a planet... Continue Reading →

The super Full Moon on Taurus! This Super Full Moon has a tremendous power: connect to it and activate yourself with positive, aware, super light, becoming more awakened within so you see the future in front of you and know... Continue Reading →

14th of November Full Moon in Taurus ESTRELLA DEL ALMA or INTEGRITY of the WHOLENESS MEDITATION in co-creation with KRYON by Sandris Sneibe Greetings dear ones! I AM Kryon from Magnetic service. When my partner steps aside... Very often I... Continue Reading →

November divine astrology - a higher understanding Astrologically, November asks from us to do the work within, always considering our higher version, merging the true and divine self with the world by being able to act as a super aware... Continue Reading →

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